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Build My Spiritual Home, Part B; November 27, 2016

When I woke up I told my husband about my dream.  Houses are a common theme in my dreams when the Lord speaks to me, and this time it was no different.  Time in prayer, looking at some of Doug Addison’s literature we felt we understood what the dream meant (– the part I’ll share).


The investor is our Dear savior.  He wants us all to take care of our spiritual house, and there’s no limit to the budget he gives us to build a house in his name.  The fact that my husband was adamant I build my own house, is a statement to the growth of our relationship – he’s not just responsible for my spiritual growth, but I should break my own ground, make my own stand on what Dear Jesus is for me and set my own boundaries.

Boundaries.  One of the most difficult things to establish as an adult.  How many times in the last 20 years have I prostrated myself before the wrong person, or let someone too far into my life to take a stake in my home!  How many times had I let my mother and friends between me and my spouse?  Or put my boss before my husband?  How many corrections have I had to make before I realized that standing up for what’s right, trumps that raise or closing that deal?   Knowing what my ethics are and maintaining that line and setting guard to those boundaries before I wind up at a strip club to close a deal with a male client…

The boundaries I set in my new house was to put doors up between the most intimate parts of my house – not letting anyone in my bedroom, kitchen or back rooms.  Even with my parents whom I love, I boundaried them.  I honored them by allowing them a place to permanently decorate my home, and even provided my father the most spectacular pillar when you come in the front door – however, I still controlled how far they could go (limiting my mother to ensuring the walls were white (clean), and fixing my father’s art so it was appropriate in the front entry), hosted them and then let them go to their own home, without annexing the space for themselves.

Dear Jesus even lets us decide what fruit we bear in our orchard.  I chose nuts, so that I could take the time to build the infrastructure.  I can’t help but believe it was Dear God asking me what I’d rather have right now, and I wanted something that would bear fruit over the next 7 years, giving me more time to grow my internal infrastructure with Him and my husband.  He left it up to me, and I choose a longer growth period.

My view is also important to Him.   He is personally taking it upon himself that if I’m building a spiritual house with Him, that he’ll take care of the details right down to the view.  Someone else’s hill around me needs help, He’ll be there for them just as he was there for me.

As for the dollar value of 18 million, I believe it must do with my parent investing 18 years into my life and in that investment, 20 years later (almost) they feel they have a say in how I build my house.  But this is my house, and my parents will be honored in it.  I even set up one of the most beautiful tributes to my parents to give them homage.  But this is my house and I will build it with my husband and the Lord – I cannot have more builders than them in the house, or it creates codependent supports and no peace in my home.  They have their own spiritual house that they’re responsible for, and a place of honor in mine, only.

One of the most notable parts of the dream, was that my house was built right on train tracks.  My property spanned both sides.  No train was in sight, because now is a time of rebuilding (my spiritual house) and there’s no movement on the tracks.  I believe that after the trees develop, over the next seven years, that train will start moving through my property again with the harvest.


Accident 790; September 7, 2016

I was blessed by participating in the first Spirit Connection webinar from Doug Addison’s ministry.

One of the things I’ve loved about Doug Addison’s ministry, starting back from about two years ago, is how he hears from the Lord and puts a word out every day.  Most days, I feel as though Doug Addison has really heard from God and he’s speaking directly into my life.  There have been times where he speaks that day on “Don’t be discouraged about bad news you receive today, God has a purpose” and that day I had been served on a legal case.  A year and a half later, I found that case to be dismissed and the Lord used that case for some very special growth and timing for both me and my business.  It took a year and a half, but I still remember the word of God that Doug Addison had posted the day I got served.

My biggest struggle, is now remembering it’s all in God’s perfect timing.

A year or so ago I purchased a book from Doug Addison on interpreting and understanding dreams and then never read it.  I know it sounds ungrateful, but I passed the book along to my father who I thought would benefit from it more.  My father has always been the dreamer in the family and fancies himself a prophet of God.  Although I don’t doubt my father has a gift to receive dreams, or that he’s not blessed by God; I can only say that his dreams have brought me nothing but sorrow and heartbreak by not realizing that the dream is not enough, there is a timing element that needs to followed as well – and it’s not my father’s timing.

When I started to get dreams at a young age that felt like they were from God, yet I had done everything in my power to squelch those dreams and to die to anything having to do with God as a result.

Part of the heartache could have been that we were kicked out of several churches growing up (I’ve gone into detail of this before, and if not, I will in the future) and each time it seemed to be a sign that dreams and visions of God all ended with the canonizing of the New Testament because anything since then can only be a product of pain and sorrow.

Bethel Ministries spends a great deal of time talking about how there are pillars in the church and how the church is to react to a prophet, but without these guidances growing up, I’ve only found that on the other side of my father’s dreams were unfulfilled ambitions.  In fact, my second husband was a product of my father’s dreams.  Although I didn’t want to marry him quite yet, my father said he saw him as my husband in his dream and so I moved forward into one of the most difficult trials in my life.  When I look back now, I guess I could say that my husband now would be the same fulfillment of that dream, “as a foreigner with strawberry blond hair, etc”.  But the un-fulfillment of that dangerous marriage prophecy only bought resentment between me and my family as his personal interpretation of his own dreams, and the wrong timing cost me a marriage and a quarter million dollars of my savings.

It’s hard to trust God and trust dreams and visions when both raised that they were wrong, and then any that were had by my father didn’t bear any good fruit.  I believe that because we didn’t have the church network to help my father through, that what he saw and his own filter was flawed as any human filter is, secluded from a healthy, supportive network.

Doug Addison is one of the only “dreaming prophets” that I am able to fully discern with the Lord’s help, that grasps the full fruit of the spirit and he can properly discern the difference between what dreams are from a human filter, and which are from the Holy Spirit.  He’s so grounded and inspirational for anyone trying to learn the difference, and healing for those like me that have seen only too faithfully how dreams of the spirit, without discernment can break people, families, churches and relationships.

Today was my first time participating in his Spirit Connection where Doug Addison speaks live about what the Holy Spirit is speaking to him about the season, and then he does a question and answer session at the end.  Skeptically, I asked a question of him and remarkably, he answered!  With over 279 people online and asking questions, he took the time to address a question about what to do about my family, – namely my father and his dreams –

My questions to Doug Addison; How do you know if you’re leaving someone behind that you’re doing it in the right spirit, or if you’re being false?  I can’t continue the co-dependent relationship I’ve had with my father and his dreams, I need to part ways and to move onto my own relationship with God and build it with my husband; however, my father makes it very tough to leave the relationship, building only terrible acts that encourage resentment and he uses his dreams as weapons.

Doug answered me in his Spirit Connection webcast for September 2016, that the difference between removing people in your life, versus having a bad spirit about sending people away in your life has to do with the heart – that wanting to raise judgement against them, wishing poorly for them, is the difference between making the right decision and making possibly the right decision in the wrong way.  He encouraged me to read James and John 15.

Today Doug says (September 12, 2016) that “A common mistake people make is not waiting or testing a prophetic word and acting on it too soon in the form of some major decision”.  I leaned on my father’s timing of the prophetic dream and not God’s timing of his dream.  This decision, like many others have allowed me to earn more painful life stripes than I needed to.

Lord, I want to move forward in your vision and timing for me and honor the gifts of the spirit you give people, and my dreams as well, but I move forward with your timing and I wait on you.  Patiently, Dear God, I wait on your perfect timing and I give patience to the people whom I’ve let speak into my life and urge their imperfect, yet well-meaning timing.  God, if I had had not been eager to move forward out of anxiety and not rest and be comforted in your quiet timing for my life, I would have saved myself so much heartache.  Thank you for buying all the heartache back from me in Your “buy back” program and compounding grace both on me and on the people who have spoken into my life.  Dearest Father, I don’t want to raise judgement against those that I have to leave behind because they do not want to walk in Your timing and watch my heart that I don’t raise judgement against them either.  Let the parting be more peaceful dearest God.  Amen.