Accidental Dream; Part B, Not a Joke – April 1, 2017

First, let me backup and let you know, I don’t like animals.  In fact, I have not liked them since Jr. High as a general rule.  I don’t like their fur, my allergies act up, I didn’t like being kicked and bit by that horse when I worked at a horse farm for my first job, which still affects my hip and glute muscles to this day; I also didn’t like how I felt when my dog and guinea pig died; therefore, decided I never wanted to love an animal again.

As I got older, it less became about the trauma of my hip popping and difficulty sitting for long periods of time, or the pain of losing a pet, it became about not getting slobber on my suit pants, tears in my nylons or having my expensive pumps gnawed on.

That being the case, a dream of me loving and enjoying animals all over me, is out of character for me in the last 18 years – and it was wonderful!

My husband and I believe that the dream constitutes 24 months; each egg is a month.  We believe the first month is the month of April, with the chick representing Easter-time.  The remaining 24 months will bring blessings, in contrast to the last 24 months’ eggs being mostly broken.  We believe a raise is in my future with the goose representing some aspects of wage increase for either myself or both me and my husband.

The theme park, represents pleasure over the next period and with my new boss also living next to the theme park, it’s fair to say he’ll participate in making that happen with my work-life.

Now, lets see if that is what we interpreted correctly.  As so many things with Dear Holy Spirit, dream interpretations can be tricky, so here’s to me stepping out in Faith that the next 24 months will replace the broken months of the last 2 years, and the blessings will be multiple.


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