Noah Accidentally on purpose built the Ark in the dry season; February 27, 2017

“Noah built the Ark in the dry season”.

My husband said this to me and it’s still resonating in my ears.

It’s logical, right?  You wouldn’t want to build an Ark in the rain- the logistics alone would be crazy; although, he would have had some help.  Instead, as one of the more perfect examples of faith, he and his family stood the test of ridicule to take the time in a drought to build the infrastructure that would not only save himself, but his family and humanity.

So why is it that modern Christians are afraid when these acts of faith are happening today?

Okay, maybe not “Ark”-level, save humanity type of faith, but faith enough to know that when my family heard God to get out of our business, to move and to start in a different direction; for my husband to go back to school and complete his CFA & CPA and Juris Doctorate; for me to go from one accounting position to the other until we felt He told me to hold; having faith that we heard God correctly.

Maybe I will never know why the members of our church were aghast that we donated everything we had to one of the members of our church because God told us to, and only moved when we felt we heard Him say to.  We, my family, are in a drought;  building our infrastructure that will save our family.

How many other members of the Church are in their droughts having to navigate between their faith and those that would discourage and disparage?

Maybe that’s an extension what faith is – it’s the trusting what’s unseen, even from those that have Religious and Spiritual commonality, knowing that what may be one man’s drought (now that we’ll never have Earth-ending flood from Heaven because He promised) may be another man’s rainy season that he’d already prepared for; being sure not to confuse God’s call to action for one, with God’s call to rest for another.

As for me an my household, we’ll build during this drought, have no doubt and serve the Lord.




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