Pressing in on the Vision; February 11, 2017

Work had been both good and awful when my husband offered up that we should pray and ask Dear Jesus for assistance with what our next direction should be with work.

Every time I go for a Job Interview, I almost inevitably get an offer and always for more than what I was asking.  Last Sunday, going for another interview seemed like a better option for me than sticking it out where I currently work.  My husband, however, begged to differ and turned on the worship music and started prayer.

Prayer isn’t always easy – sometimes my anger with God, myself and my situation cloud my ability to reach out and connect.  Sometimes, I don’t even want an answer from God, because inevitably I may not like it.

My husband turned up the worship music.

I sat and wallowed.

He started praying out loud.

I wallowed some more.

My husband sat in front of me, put his hands on my head and prayed.

I finally prayed.  I pressed in.

The first image I received was of a lion.  This lion was drinking at a watering-hole.  When out of the water came a tiger and the tiger ate the lion.  I was sad for the lion because I identified with this lion and tears came to my eyes.  Suddenly the lion burst out of the tiger, like confetti out of a balloon.


The second image I received was of a gold cone with square sides.  It was as though it was a small, golden pyramid but with only three sides.  A hammer came out of the sky and it smashed against this golden, three-sided object until it bent and chipped away.  After the smashing, the golden, three sided object became a triangular golden crown with jagged edges that was presented to me on a black, velvet pillow.  My first feelings upon seeing it was were that it was so jagged and beat up, followed by the awe that the more this object was beaten, the more it shone and reflected the light.  What a crown, thought.  I have not been able to find a picture that can accurately, or remotely reflect the vision.——-

I didn’t get the answer I was looking for, but my husband is pretty sure the Tiger eating the lion is inevitably me.  My current boss will no doubt get the better of me and I should brace for impact, but be comforted in that I’ll rise out of the situation.

As for the crown?  Well, I hope it means that God is tied even closer to my husband and I, and that we’re the crowning trifecta.  That the beatings we’ve taken only make us stronger and more a reflection of what God wants us to be.

Keep posted.  We’ll see.



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