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Noah Accidentally on purpose built the Ark in the dry season; February 27, 2017

“Noah built the Ark in the dry season”.

My husband said this to me and it’s still resonating in my ears.

It’s logical, right?  You wouldn’t want to build an Ark in the rain- the logistics alone would be crazy; although, he would have had some help.  Instead, as one of the more perfect examples of faith, he and his family stood the test of ridicule to take the time in a drought to build the infrastructure that would not only save himself, but his family and humanity.

So why is it that modern Christians are afraid when these acts of faith are happening today?

Okay, maybe not “Ark”-level, save humanity type of faith, but faith enough to know that when my family heard God to get out of our business, to move and to start in a different direction; for my husband to go back to school and complete his CFA & CPA and Juris Doctorate; for me to go from one accounting position to the other until we felt He told me to hold; having faith that we heard God correctly.

Maybe I will never know why the members of our church were aghast that we donated everything we had to one of the members of our church because God told us to, and only moved when we felt we heard Him say to.  We, my family, are in a drought;  building our infrastructure that will save our family.

How many other members of the Church are in their droughts having to navigate between their faith and those that would discourage and disparage?

Maybe that’s an extension what faith is – it’s the trusting what’s unseen, even from those that have Religious and Spiritual commonality, knowing that what may be one man’s drought (now that we’ll never have Earth-ending flood from Heaven because He promised) may be another man’s rainy season that he’d already prepared for; being sure not to confuse God’s call to action for one, with God’s call to rest for another.

As for me an my household, we’ll build during this drought, have no doubt and serve the Lord.




Accident 701; Around January 2016


Today I saw the most incredible vision of Your face and the meaning of Communion.

In church today, at Los Osos Christian Fellowship, I was engaged in worship when I asked the Holy Spirit to show me the meaning of Communion.

Before my eyes, I saw the most beautiful face.  Eyes shut with gentle lids, not forced or partially open.  The gentleness of the closed eyes, like someone sleeping were slowly wrapped in a cloth that reminded me of muslin as it was placed across the closed eyes.  I could hear weeping and tears were dripping on the cloth that was then wrapping around the chin and mouth.  I became so distraught that my tears also began to drop onto the face.  I noticed four distinct women crying and gently wrapping the face, their tears soaking the cloak.  Behind the women, I saw three men putting their hands on the shoulders of the women as they wrapped His face.   I wanted desperately the wrapped face to wake up and comfort us, because it was at this moment I realized I was seeing His face being wrapped and the pain in my heart at such a final act, a finality to what had happened was all there.  I’ve never felt such heartache even though once I knew it was Him and He was to be raised, it still impacted the core of my very being – nothing television, preaching or reading about the sacrifice fully impacted me what the true meaning of his death meant – it was final, hopeless and heartbreaking, and loving.

My eyes opened, with the auditorium blurred with my tears hitting the carpet and the pastor, Josh Nash held communion.

I get it now, thank you Dear Jesus for what you did and giving me a small glimpse of he fulfillment of what you did to save us, to have relationship with You.




Pressing in on the Vision; February 11, 2017

Work had been both good and awful when my husband offered up that we should pray and ask Dear Jesus for assistance with what our next direction should be with work.

Every time I go for a Job Interview, I almost inevitably get an offer and always for more than what I was asking.  Last Sunday, going for another interview seemed like a better option for me than sticking it out where I currently work.  My husband, however, begged to differ and turned on the worship music and started prayer.

Prayer isn’t always easy – sometimes my anger with God, myself and my situation cloud my ability to reach out and connect.  Sometimes, I don’t even want an answer from God, because inevitably I may not like it.

My husband turned up the worship music.

I sat and wallowed.

He started praying out loud.

I wallowed some more.

My husband sat in front of me, put his hands on my head and prayed.

I finally prayed.  I pressed in.

The first image I received was of a lion.  This lion was drinking at a watering-hole.  When out of the water came a tiger and the tiger ate the lion.  I was sad for the lion because I identified with this lion and tears came to my eyes.  Suddenly the lion burst out of the tiger, like confetti out of a balloon.


The second image I received was of a gold cone with square sides.  It was as though it was a small, golden pyramid but with only three sides.  A hammer came out of the sky and it smashed against this golden, three-sided object until it bent and chipped away.  After the smashing, the golden, three sided object became a triangular golden crown with jagged edges that was presented to me on a black, velvet pillow.  My first feelings upon seeing it was were that it was so jagged and beat up, followed by the awe that the more this object was beaten, the more it shone and reflected the light.  What a crown, thought.  I have not been able to find a picture that can accurately, or remotely reflect the vision.——-

I didn’t get the answer I was looking for, but my husband is pretty sure the Tiger eating the lion is inevitably me.  My current boss will no doubt get the better of me and I should brace for impact, but be comforted in that I’ll rise out of the situation.

As for the crown?  Well, I hope it means that God is tied even closer to my husband and I, and that we’re the crowning trifecta.  That the beatings we’ve taken only make us stronger and more a reflection of what God wants us to be.

Keep posted.  We’ll see.