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Build My Spiritual Home, Part B; November 27, 2016

When I woke up I told my husband about my dream.  Houses are a common theme in my dreams when the Lord speaks to me, and this time it was no different.  Time in prayer, looking at some of Doug Addison’s literature we felt we understood what the dream meant (– the part I’ll share).


The investor is our Dear savior.  He wants us all to take care of our spiritual house, and there’s no limit to the budget he gives us to build a house in his name.  The fact that my husband was adamant I build my own house, is a statement to the growth of our relationship – he’s not just responsible for my spiritual growth, but I should break my own ground, make my own stand on what Dear Jesus is for me and set my own boundaries.

Boundaries.  One of the most difficult things to establish as an adult.  How many times in the last 20 years have I prostrated myself before the wrong person, or let someone too far into my life to take a stake in my home!  How many times had I let my mother and friends between me and my spouse?  Or put my boss before my husband?  How many corrections have I had to make before I realized that standing up for what’s right, trumps that raise or closing that deal?   Knowing what my ethics are and maintaining that line and setting guard to those boundaries before I wind up at a strip club to close a deal with a male client…

The boundaries I set in my new house was to put doors up between the most intimate parts of my house – not letting anyone in my bedroom, kitchen or back rooms.  Even with my parents whom I love, I boundaried them.  I honored them by allowing them a place to permanently decorate my home, and even provided my father the most spectacular pillar when you come in the front door – however, I still controlled how far they could go (limiting my mother to ensuring the walls were white (clean), and fixing my father’s art so it was appropriate in the front entry), hosted them and then let them go to their own home, without annexing the space for themselves.

Dear Jesus even lets us decide what fruit we bear in our orchard.  I chose nuts, so that I could take the time to build the infrastructure.  I can’t help but believe it was Dear God asking me what I’d rather have right now, and I wanted something that would bear fruit over the next 7 years, giving me more time to grow my internal infrastructure with Him and my husband.  He left it up to me, and I choose a longer growth period.

My view is also important to Him.   He is personally taking it upon himself that if I’m building a spiritual house with Him, that he’ll take care of the details right down to the view.  Someone else’s hill around me needs help, He’ll be there for them just as he was there for me.

As for the dollar value of 18 million, I believe it must do with my parent investing 18 years into my life and in that investment, 20 years later (almost) they feel they have a say in how I build my house.  But this is my house, and my parents will be honored in it.  I even set up one of the most beautiful tributes to my parents to give them homage.  But this is my house and I will build it with my husband and the Lord – I cannot have more builders than them in the house, or it creates codependent supports and no peace in my home.  They have their own spiritual house that they’re responsible for, and a place of honor in mine, only.

One of the most notable parts of the dream, was that my house was built right on train tracks.  My property spanned both sides.  No train was in sight, because now is a time of rebuilding (my spiritual house) and there’s no movement on the tracks.  I believe that after the trees develop, over the next seven years, that train will start moving through my property again with the harvest.