No Longer an Accidental Jesus Fan; November 24, 2016


It is no longer an accident I follow Jesus and I’m a big fan of Him.  It’s been almost three years now since I’ve reconciled the childhood teachings with my adult yearnings for the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself.  No longer does it seem accidental that blessings, and even teachings, are not the sole institutions of His Grace everywhere.  Even my dreams have taken a change as I isolate the spirits I listen to and hone in only on His voice for me in my life.

It is not without its hardships, because as I isolate His voice as the one I listen to, other voices go to the wayside.  Even voices I had once ascribed as from Him, find a different purpose or get left behind as He refines my walk with Him.

Friends and family that walk with God, are not necessarily a part of my present walk.  I find it interesting, that although they are God fearing and loving people, He is still weaning me away from them to start my own walk – no more codependent relationships, no more Christian walk without taking the time for me to know on my own, not by the witnesses around me, of His greatness.  No more leaning on other’s testimony to float me through; I am to build a testimony of my own.

Not an accidental Jesus fan anymore. 


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