Build My Spiritual Home, Part A; November 26, 2016



I had a dream two nights in a row.  In my experience, when you dream something more than once, it’s something significant.  So, where I wasn’t paying as much attention the first night, I made sure to pay as much attention as I could, the second.

In my dream, I was walking through a field with a train track on our left and my husband on the right accompanied by a man on a horse riding beside us.  My husband put it on me to start building a house and he wanted one out in the country.  In my dream, I thought this was odd given we just moved back to the city in real life, so to move to the country sounded counter to what we were attempting to achieve.  Regardless, I agreed.

My husband iterated that the man on the horse would take care of the expenses and we could have whatever we wanted, no matter the cost.  Being a reluctant accountant by trade (more on reluctant accountant in future), I took that very seriously that this property or house would need to be functional, and if a business could be built, all the better.  I was not going to be careless with the money.

The house I settled on, was in the back of a small town, on top of a hill.  It was to the left of the tracks, but the property spanned both sides of the tracks.  Despite needing some renovations, the bones were there and I was excited about a renovation project.  In the field of my property, both sides of the tracks I walked with the man on the horse and I asked if I could plant an orchard.  In our talks, I spoke of my desire to put in nut trees.  When he asked why, I spoke that they took time to mature and in that time, I guessed around 7 years, I would then have the infrastructure in place to harvest the nuts.  I felt that if I planted fruit, the fruit would rot on the ground before I would learn about the trees and hire the hands I needed to harvest the fruit.  He agreed that this was a good plan and that although it was up to me, he agreed with nut trees and paid to have the trees planted.

Before I headed back into the house to start the renovation, the man on the horse and our investor, said he didn’t like our view.  I looked out and saw one of the hills over that the owners had started strip mining the hill.  He wanted to make sure that not only did we have a good property, but that our view was also good.  With that, he gave his adieu and let me know he’d take care of the view as well.  I remember not caring as much for the view with one bad hill while I watched him ride, and with so many other good hills around me, but immediately felt as though that wasn’t the point.  The investor also corrected me strongly that if we were to build a house and property to last, that the view was also important and, more importantly, that he was going to take care of all the details which included the view.  I watched him ride off until he was a speck in the distance in the direction of the brown hill.

In the house, there was a solarium to the left which with a crank of a wheel revealed the sunlight and it filtered in through the whole front room.  The front room had a beam or column in the front that was stunning and I immediately wanted a beautiful piece of artwork to hang up to be seen first thing when you walk in.  The sitting room was also gorgeous, needed work, but the structures were great with high running boards and antique touches of crown molding.  To the right was a kitchen that overlooked the property where the trees were being planted.  To the right of the kitchen was the master bedroom.  If you went straight from the entry there was a back hall that took you to several back rooms in the house.

The rooms and their significance won’t be spoke of now, but suffice to say that first thing I did was partition and put up beautiful doors.  The kitchen got wonderful French doors with frosted glass as well did the bedroom, den and back rooms.  Then I locked the doors and allowed my mother and father into the home.

My mom I let decorate the front room.  I wanted it to be a gallery where anyone that came over could buy or bring art and that this would be a beautiful place.  My mom wanted to “chique” more than just the floors, but every column in the house and the furniture.  I gave her cart blanch to decorate as she saw fit, but the columns, and the walls were to be painted white.  If she wanted to “chique” or weather the floor or furniture, she was welcome to it.  During the process of setting the boundaries of what she could or couldn’t alter in my new house, my mom was quite concerned over the fact that I had spent 18 million on this house and that I showed no signs of slowing my spending.  It was the first time in my dream there had been an ascribed number value to what I was building, and although I took great pains to ensure I didn’t waste, it wasn’t until this moment that a dollar was mentioned.  In my dream, though, it wasn’t an issue the 18 million spent and I reminded my mom that the dollar was between me, my husband, and my investor and not her concern and she was welcome to any resources she needed to make the rooms she was given mostly free reign to decorate, were hers.  Once she was done decorating, I thanked her very much, and showed her to the door without allowing her entrance into any of the other rooms.

My father was also working on something for the house.  I asked him for an art piece for the main column that was first seen when you entered the front door.  My father’s art piece was a combination painting and steel manufactured picture.  I remember requiring my father to change the landscape and fix the boarders to two inches, instead of one.  When he came back, the piece was so beautiful, I told him he could sell this anywhere and anyone would buy one.  We hung it in place together, and then I showed him also to the door.


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