Accident 38, Part C; June 15, 2014


I accidental allowed my heart to open up to love again.

Just a week before I met this man, a dear friend of mine and mentor since I was 11 years old flew into town.

Her and I prayed extensively as we hiked, I had a panic attack, she prayed over me, as we talked and I cried, she prayed again.  In her prayers, she asked Dear God to bring love into my life and not just any love, but The Love of my life.

I was openly sarcastic and not without my doubts.  I mean, I only just started inviting Dear God back into my life, how in the heck does he plan on getting this stone of a heart to ever open up again?

So far, it opened and it can only be Dear God because I was on my own, hoping I’d transform into a Lesbian rather than ever trust in a man.

Mysterious ways, absolutely.  Knows my heart’s desires more than I know my own?  Absolutely.


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