Accident 501, Part C; August 29, 2015

Personally it has also been a journey.

When I get anxious, I pound away angrily at my keyboard creating tasks, spreadsheets, answering emails, haranguing employees, balancing the books, pulling reports … an exhaustive effort in tasks that do nothing for my emotional self.  And when there isn’t work left, I start on groceries, cleaning car, house maintenance and nagging those that live with me to live up to this standard of perfection around me that doesn’t exist.  It also doesn’t make me feel better while also alienating the people that mean the most to me – those that live and work with me.

So I’ve discovered, it’s not about the bible study, the daily reading or the intensive prayer before bed or even chalking up my church-going life to be put in the same category as my chores, and it’s not even in the lack of those things, but it’s the relationship, the people that matter.

What does this person, me, have with Jesus right now?  Today, am I a Mary or a Martha? Are we in relationship, or are we in task?

Great people are those that recognize people, not tasks, are the true measure of a person.



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