Accident 501, Part A; August 29, 2015


I accidentally had to start this post over, because I forgot that it’s not about the task of writing it…

it’s the people that count.  In my reflections on this point, I had three pages that didn’t illustrate my point, not even close.  I got so caught up in the task of what I was writing, that I forgot the very human experience happening inside of me.

I remembered that Jesus illustrated this when he goes to Mary and Martha’s house.  Martha became engaged in the tasks of cleaning and preparation of her home and Mary sat at Jesus’ feet…Jesus scolds Martha for chastising Mary by stating it is the better choice to sit and participate with Him.  The better route, was not in the preparation, but in the moment of participation.

I had never understood that point until just now.

Being raised in the Dutch Reform Church, I can tell you my Oma would have ripped my ear off of my head if we were going to have Jesus over and I hadn’t cleaned the toilets.  So much of my life has been focused on having the tasks of preparation complete, so much so, that I completely missed the purpose and reason for the task in the first place.

Just like this post, I almost was so caught up in writing it, that I forgot why I was writing it.


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